Sunday, August 5, 2012

Frowny Cookie

My best friend invited me to Poulsbo, WA with her mom yesterday. The day was quite enjoyable. We shopped and ate and shopped and ate some more. I always have so much fun with her, so of course today was the best of fun. Just before we left, we decided to stop into a little bakery, which had a line nearly out the door. The food in the window looked really good and as soon as we walked in, it smelled AMAZING. So, of course, we had to get something. We ended up getting some cookies. But these weren't just any cookies. The bakery sold happy face cookies, but these frowny face cookies just seemed so accurate. I mean, wouldn't you be frowning if someone tried to eat you? He wasn't happy to be eaten, but man, was I happy to eat him. He was so delicious.

Dorm Food

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