Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Cheaters Bacon White Cheddar Pasta

Okay, as a good Catholic school student, I must confess. I cheated on Lent already. One of the few things I gave up was prepackaged foods. I knew going into it that it would be difficult. But I had no idea it would be THIS difficult. No frozen pizzas, no canned soups, no boxed dinners. Anything that was already a meal before it was packaged is now off limits (that means milk and cheese are ok, but a frozen burrito is no bueno). That being said, I think I only barely cheated on this one. I mean, yes, I used a boxed mac and cheese mix, but, I also fried up bacon to crumple into it. I mean, that has to count for something, right? Also, I was starving, it's cold outside, and I just wanted something warm in my stomach. Anyways, I'm still sorry, Lent Gods (or, I guess singular God...also, specifying Lent God is probably not necessary, as I'm pretty sure Lent God is the same as everyday regular God-God).

1 box Annie's white cheddar shells (or similar, but seriously, I can't get enough of this brand)
6 cups of water
2 Tablespoons low fat butter
1 Tablespoon fat free milk
1 or 2 pieces of bacon

Prepare 1 box of mac and cheese according to the recipe on the back of the box. I prefer to do so with a ratio of 2 Tablespoons of low fat butter and 1 Tablespoon of fat free milk, but the ultimate goal is just to get 3 Tablespoons of something in there, preferably dairy. I even know people who use yogurt.
As you prepare your pasta (probably while you're boiling the water and the noodles), cook 1 or 2 slices of bacon. When grilled, remove from your frying pan onto a place with a piece of paper towel.
Allow bacon to cool slightly. Then, crumple bacon, protecting your fingers by using the paper towel and folding it over so that you make a bacon-paper towel sandwich, then snap bacon repeatedly.
Once your bacon is crumpled, add to your pasta, with cheese mix, milk, and butter. Stir together, then serve. This should be about 2 or 3 servings.
If you chose to save leftovers, reheat in the microwave with a small splash of milk.

Yes, technically, it's still boxed. But at the point that you have dirtied up a pot, strainer, frying pan, spatula, mixing spoon, Tablespoon, plates, and a fork, is it really a prepackaged meal? I mean, I did all the work, right? :P