Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back for More

Spring semester began on Monday, so it's official: I'm back. Which is lovely, really, because I enjoy my dorm, I enjoy learning, and I enjoy being at school in general.
Over break, I didn't really do all that much cooking. Actually, after Christmas, I didn't do all that much of anything. I had several doctors appointments and spent most of the rest of my time with my boyfriend (I'm slightly concerned with the fact that I may be becoming one of those girls who spend all their time with their boyfriends and not with their friends, but to be fair, my friends were in school while I was enjoying an entire month away from school). I did end up playing Zelda, which was something I've been told to do for quite some time. And, most importantly, I did end up with a few answers about my stomach aches. It turns out I have some decreased functionality in my gallbladder, as well as a hernia in one of the muscles around my stomach, which caused a bit of bleeding, apparently. It took several doctors appointments including two outpatient procedures at two separate hospitals, but I finally have a few answers. Now comes the fun part of visiting a surgeon over spring break, and we can decide what to do from there.
Anyway, now that I am back to school, I will be getting back into the habit of blogging. Besides cookies, I didn't make very much that was blog-worthy over break. But now, I'm back and I have plans for some amazing food in the months to come.
So far, I've been enjoying a lot of oatmeal and hot chocolate, thanks to my brother who gave me an electric kettle for Christmas. It's been slightly snowy (though until last night, nothing was sticking to the ground...and today everything was just a slushy mess by the time I was heading off to class), so a nice mug of hot chocolate and a bowl of oatmeal every morning feels absolutely perfect. In addition, I've been munching on some quiche, which, as my mother loves to point out, can serve as breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Essentially, that is all I've been eating in my dorm room. My cafeteria eating has been pretty limited as it is quite cold and wet outside so I've been trying to avoid evening food ventures.
Basically, that's about it. There's not all that much to say since it's only my third day back to school and not too much has happened yet. As this is a new semester, I'd like to start fresh with my blog so if you have anything you'd like to see on here, leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do. Just a warning, now that my brother has given me this electric kettle, I may start experimenting with warned.

Dorm Food

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