Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Steak Fajitas Rice

I've heard from way too many college students that the only nice thing they know how to make is steak. Which is odd. I don't know how to make steak very well. I like it rare, but I'm always afraid it's under cooked. Maybe other people's parents teach them how to grill steak in the summer. Or they watch it pan fried often enough that they're able to make it. I don't know how, but quite a few people know how to make it.
If you know how to make steak, then you can make steak fajitas rice. Heck, even if you don't personally know how to make steak, but have access to leftover steak or precooked steak or if you know somebody in your dorm that knows how to make steak. It's super easy. Just look.

2 cups water
Knorr brand Rice Sides (Menu flavors, steak fajitas flavor). This is a rice and pasta blend with steak flavor, bell peppers, and fajita seasoning.
Steak (cubed and warm)
(Optional) Diced tomatoes, red kidney beans, chopped onion, diced bell peppers, salsa, cheese, and sour cream.

First, in a medium sized sauce pan, bring two cups of water AND the rice package to a boil. Be sure to add the rice package into the sauce pan and water BEFORE you turn on the stove. AND, be sure that it's actually 2 cups of water, no more, no less.
Next, stir the rice, cover the pot and allow the rice to simmer for 7 minutes, or until the rice is tender. While you do this, heat up the steak and cut it into cubes. If you're adding kidney beans, heat these during this time as well.
After 7 minutes, stir in steak and anything else you desire to add in. Really, the possibilities are endless. Then, allow the rice to sit, removed from heat and uncovered for 2 minutes.
Finally, top with salsa, sour cream, cheese, or whatever other toppings you'd enjoy.

Confession time. I hate bell peppers. And rice. And just about everything else in this recipe (except of course the steak). So, I didn't eat this one. But my parents did. And they seemed to enjoy it a lot.
According to my mother, who's opinion I hold very highly, this would taste great in a warm tortilla. You could also probably use ground beef or ground turkey to make this more of a fajita chili con carne-type recipe. Just use a bit less water and add the meat in before bringing it to a simmer.
So, while I cannot personally recommend this recipe because you'll probably never catch me dead eating something like this, my parents highly recommend it. And, once you have the steak part figured out, it's really not too hard.

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