Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday of Thankfulness: Number 4

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Last night my parents picked me up directly after my last class of the day, and we traveled as far West as one can travel in Oregon, to my cousins and aunt and uncle in Lincoln City. Now, as I'm surrounded by wonderful family, stuffed with incredible food, on this terrific day of thanks, it is difficult to find a single thing that I am most thankful for today. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, as I know that there are many people in this country who do not. I am thankful that I have food everyday, as I know that even more people don't have this luxury, either.
I think most of all, I am thankful for Thanksgiving day, itself. I am thankful for this day that includes both getting away and getting together, simultaneously. I am especially thankful for the traditions that we have. The turkey (though I'm not that fond of turkey), and sweet potatoes (with marshmallows on top), and mashed potatoes, and potato rolls (my mom's family's from Idaho, what can I say?), and oyster stuffing, and jello, and pumpkin pie are all wonderful traditions, but they are not the best of today's traditions. My favorite thing is waking up to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with my sister (I like the Rockettes, she likes the bands). Then, at exactly noon every year (which typically coincides with reaching the Tacoma Dome on our way to my grandparents' house), my family listens to (and sing along to) Alice's Restaurant. These activities bring us together and remind us that no matter what happens, family is always there.
I'm so thankful for Thanksgiving. It provides me with a break in this, my first, very hectic semester. It also provides me with a chance to get together with my family (especially my cousins whom I very rarely get to see, since they moved away a few years ago).
So, today I am thankful for Thanksgiving.

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