Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grilled Salami and Mozzarella Sandwiches

I finally got my own frying pan, which means no more borrowing from my roommate. I'm super in love with it because it's super cute (and cost less than a normal one). It's already been broken in (and I will post what I made the first time, after I make it again since I forgot to take photos), but I decided to use my money's worth out of it the other day when I was making myself lunch. So, I decided to make a grilled sandwich. Though I could have done a normal grilled cheese or used some other meat (since I also have ham in my fridge), I decided to be super creative with my sandwich. Thus, a grilled salami and mozzarella sandwich.
To make the sandwich, you will need bread of any kind (I used Franz multi grain because that's what sold at my school and that's also my favorite bread company), salami (mine was Lite salami, but any kind works so long as it is thinly sliced), 1 1/2 string cheese sticks (you can eat the other half if you want), some sort of cooking spray or butter (I used canola oil, since it was cheapest), a frying pan, and a spatula. You might also want some lettuce or mixed greens, mayo, or mustard.
First, place 6 pieces of salami along one piece of brea so that there are no gaps between the pieces (you may need more or less depending on how large your salami pieces are and how large your bread is).
Then, slice your mozzarella string cheese sticks so that they are round disks. Place these disks in even rows across your sandwich.

Heat your frying pan over a low to medium heat, with either butter or oil on the frying pan as it heats.
Then, place your bread with its toppings onto the heated frying pan, and place another piece of bread over this, so that it is now a sandwich.

Heat until golden brown and flip. Use extra caution while flipping because it is likely that your cheese will slide off. If this happens, take off the heat immediately and reorganize your sandwich.

Heat the other side until it, too, is golden brown. Then remove the frying pan from heat and place your sandwich on a plate.
From here, you can do as you please. You can add mustard, mayo, lettuce, whatever you want. I added mixed spring greens and spinach, which gave made it nice and earthy. But you can do whatever you feel like doing. Note that the mozzarella is likely not melted. Again (as I've said in previous posts), mozzarella cheese doesn't really like to melt. But do not fret over this. Your sandwich is still warm and your bread is crispy.
 I'm really fond of this sandwich. It was super delicious and took only slightly longer than a normal grilled cheese takes to make. I especially liked how earthy it tasted and looked. After reading so many blog posts from other people about pumpkin and squash recipes, I've been in a very earthy mood lately, so having this sandwich was a nice continuation of that mood. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU TRY THIS RECIPE!

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