Tuesday, November 8, 2011

White Chocolate Pretzels and Raspberries

Do you ever feel like eating a snack, but you just can't decide what snack to eat? Do I want something salty? Something sugary? Something tart? The other day I wanted all three of these, so I created a new snack. Yes, I know it's not a real recipe, but it was a unique combination of foods that any dorm-bound student can keep in their room (especially if they have a fridge).
The idea is simple: place a raspberry on top of a white chocolate covered pretzel.
Eat it,
Enjoy it,
And that's it. There's virtually no mess to these snacks. But man, oh man, are they delicious. And they look pretty fancy as well.

Here's some pictures I took while I was creating this delicious (and beautiful) snack:

Dorm Food

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