Tuesday, September 13, 2011

International Chocolate

Happy International Chocolate Day! I know, I didn't know it was either until earlier today. But that's ok with me.
In celebration of the day, I decided to eat some chocolate. I should mention that all of my meals today were in the cafeteria because a) my fridge is still empty and b) I'm still sick or whatever. Today, in addition to the now 9th day in a row of stomach aches, I have a fever. I'm super happy about this, believe me. But tomorrow I should be visiting the Dr. to find out what's going on and I actually am excited about this.
Anyway, back to chocolate. I actually am not typically a fan of chocolate. But, there are two exceptions: brownies and German chocolate cake. My grandmother makes this and apparently the recipe involves like seven pans or something obnoxious like that. So today, when I learned that the cafeteria had German chocolate brownies, I was ecstatic and ordered one promptly. This extasy was quickly increased when I remembered that the company that now feeds several college campuses (including this one) began as a desert company and thus have incredible deserts. This is a true fact. The brownie was obviously made with real chocolate. Actually, they use only real, honest ingredients in all of their food. But still, I was pleasantly surprised with the real taste to these brownies. Like, seriously impressed.
I'd originally promised myself to eat it slowly (since I had already had a grilled cheese (that they make using cheddar, provolone, and Swiss cheeses) and chocolate milk and, though I was hungry, I knew I should slow it down). However, it lasted me maybe 20 minutes while I was walking around campus. It was seriously delicious. Each bite was like biting into bliss. That's the only way to describe it.
Needless to say, I was completely content with today's International Chocolate Day. For a while, my stomach didn't hurt; I didn't feel stressed; I didn't feel anything but chocolaty bliss. That is true happiness.

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