Friday, September 9, 2011

Yellow Fruit Salad

I went to the grocery store last week and bought a ton of fruits and veggies. Which is great. Except for one thing: I didn't eat them all. It's also been in the 90's all week and my fruit was left out of the fridge because I ran out of room. Thus, some of it started to rot. So, I decided to take what was salvagable and turn it into a fruit salad. Originally it was going to have kiwis and pluots as well, but that bag was completely rotted and starting to smell. Thus, what was left was a yellow fruit salad, which is pretty cool sounding.
1. Remove the skin and all the rotting parts of a pear. If you don't have a pearing knife, it's ok. I used a regular knife and was fairly successful. It might be better do do this on a softer pear (this was one of the hard pears the school provided us in our lunches last week...but it eventually became quite soft). It should look like this when you're done:

2. Slice the pear vertically into reasonable pear pieces. Avoid the core. It doesn't really matter what shape the pieces turn out to be because after this, you must cube the pear into half-bite-sized pieces. Put these pieces into an individual sized bowl.
3. Peal one banana (I used two because both of mine were going quite bad and only 1/2 of each were salvageable). Then, slice the salvageable pieces of the banana into cute little round slices. Avoid the stuff that sticks on a banana after the peel is removed (those darn stringy things make me so mad when I'm eating a banana). Add these pieces to the bowl.
4. Add pineapple cubes (I have so much of this...mmmm). Avoid the juice as much as possible because the pear and banana pieces are already soft and will become squishy and unpalatable if they're surrounded by too much juice. Use how ever much you want, but note that the acidic flavor will transfer quite a bit to the other pieces of fruit. Now it should look like this:

(I have no idea why this is turned like shouldn't be...sorry guys).

5. Eat, Enjoy, and Clean up. Remember, the pineapple is acidic so your dishes should be washed right after you're done. Also remember to put any leftover pineapple or other sliced fruit into the fridge.
This was a decent recipe. It probably needs some touch-ups but I have no idea what to do to it. Personally, I'm fine with just eating pineapple by itself, so I probably won't be making this too often. But, it is a good use of fruit that would otherwise just be thrown away.

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