Friday, March 8, 2013

Dorm-made Baking Cups

So, if you're like me, you realize that you're missing something at the very last second. In my case, as I was in the middle of making these Oreo cupcakes (oh, and these Chips A'hoy cupcakes), I realized I had only 3 cupcake tins (baking cups, whatever you want to call them). So, I had to make my own. Realizing full well that this is more of a craft than a recipe, I thought I should share with you how to make these in case you're in a similar situation.

Aluminum foil
The base of a cup, the packaging to other baking cups (the cupcake pan itself can work, but doesn't work as well)

First, cut the aluminum foil into squares about as wide as half the length of the roll of foil.
Then, take the foil squares and shape around the base of a cup. I used the plastic packaging that held my previous baking cups. You can also use the cupcake pan, placed upside down, but this does not work as well, since you want your cups to be a little large for the pan.
Next, place your cups into the cupcake pan as though you were going to use them. Trim or fold down the edges of the foil cups. If you trim the edges, be sure that there are no small pieces of foil left in the cups, as these could pose a serious hazard. Personally, I think it's better just to fold over the edges. It doesn't look quite as neat, but the safety gained makes up for the rough-textured appearance.
Finally, pour your batter into your new baking tins and bake, at the temperature directed for shiny metal pans.

I hope not to have to use this again, but I know I probably will. I tend to realize at the last second that I'm short on essential materials, but I always have aluminum foil so I guess now I'm safe in case I ever run out of baking cups in the middle of a recipe again. Which reminds me, I need to actually buy those replacement baking cups, or I'll be making my own real soon.

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