Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mushroom and Leek Sandwich

I had an incredible sandwich from the cafeteria the other day and I thought I should share. See? There's something better than just burgers and pizza in the cafeteria. Or at least, at my school there is.

This sandwich was made of cooked mushrooms, leeks, and feta cheese on a warm baguette. I think I'll be trying to make my own version at some points. But first, I have to master cooking leeks, since I don't want to waste any precious feta cheese or mushrooms, let alone a baguette. This sandwich was DELICIOUS. I would eat this every day, if I could. In fact, I ate one every day this week! 
It went well with a carton of fat free chocolate milk and a side of fresh potato chips. The chips didn't exactly go along well, but, hey, they tasted good so whatever.

Dorm Food

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