Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebratory Salad

Today we got back our graded math exams, which we took last week. I was confident about my answers last week, but you know how it is: you wait and you wait and then you start doubting yourself. Or you remember all those experiences where you thought you'd get an A, but it turned out you got a D (not like that happened with my Philosophy exam or anything...I got a C on that...). Plus, let's be honest, I've never gotten a perfect score on a math test. And this is college, how am I supposed to suddenly expect to be good at math now that I'm in college?
Yet, despite all these last minute doubts, I got a perfect score. Raising my grade from probably a B+ to an actual A. At which point, I realized: I definitely have an A in choir, I've got an A in Public Speaking, I have an A in Early US History, and now I've got an A in math - that means I have A's in half of my classes! Of course I've got a B- in Intro to Ed, probably a D in Philosophy, and probably a D in French...but, hey, I've got A's in half of my classes!
This called for a celebration. So, I gave myself a typical college student celebration. (You drank? - No, I did not consume alcohol.) I ate. (Oh, so like chocolate cake or something, right? - No, not exactly). I ate salad. (I know, you couldn't tell from the title or anything. And I know, I know, I'm a loser, but, seriously, it was good).
See, yesterday my lunch consisted of a granola bar and a string cheese. And I knew that, though I wasn't hungry, I needed something more. So after class ended at 4, I went and picked up a salad from the cafeteria. I nibbled at it a bit, and I picked out all the tomatoes and Swiss cheese. Then, I got a text from a friend asking me to join him for dinner. So, of course, I put away the salad, did some homework, and joined him for burritos at the cafeteria. Which left this salad just sitting in my fridge, begging to be eaten. And that's what my celebration today was. Eating salad. I didn't pick up salad dressing yesterday when I bought it, so I just used my own. The salad itself had lettuce, ham, turkey, hard boiled egg, black olives, cheddar cheese (and at one point tomatoes and Swiss cheese - ew).
So, I know what you're thinking. That's all she did to celebrate? The short answer is yes. The long answer is, no. I drank one of the strawberry-melon flavored drinks that I lifted from my family's free bagged lunches during orientation (which have been sitting in my fridge ever since). And I did my French homework (will be doing my French homework after I finish this). Oh, and I can celebrate by watching choir practice and taking notes on what I want to (and need to) be learning. Yeah, the true celebration is going to be put off for a while. But next week after all my midterms are done and all my essays completed, I will be heading home (after a short detour to the Washington coast), at which point I can truly celebrate. And before that, I'll be seeing my boyfriend, my best (guy) friend, and my sister on Sunday, which is its own type of celebration. That will be a "congratulations, you've started studying for midterms! Let's take a break!" type celebration.


  1. Kat- Félicitations on all those A's! Mais, mon Dieu, you're taking a lot of classes! With a courseload like that, you really deserve to feel proud! I hope your French grade turned out better than your prediction, but even if not, that happens, esp. in the first semester, which involves learning a LOT more than just the academics. Mazel Tov, young scholar!

  2. Merci, Mary!
    Currently, I know that I have 3 A's (in math, public speaking, and choir), an A- (in history), and 2 B+'s (in education and philosophy). However, I still have NO IDEA what my French grade is. There is a chance that, because I'm in a 300 level class, she will not be posting midterm grades, but there's also a chance that she'll actually be nice and let us know if we're failing. So, I guess I'll just wait and see. I think I'm getting better though (or I'm getting more confident despite not knowing anything...either way).