Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Italian Grinder Sandwich

It's Thursday! Which can only mean a couple of things. It means the week is almost over; the weekend's almost here. It means tomorrow is Friday, full of infinite possibilities. It means that today I only have 2 classes: Intro to Ed and Speech (I should probably practice my speech that I'm giving today, actually...). It also means that today I get to spend time with my favorite fifth grade class. But more importantly than any of that, it means that today is Italian Grinder Sandwich day.
The Italian Grinder Sandwich is available every day of the week, but I've decided it is only to be eaten on Thursdays and the occasional Tuesday. It is also always, always, always paired with chocolate milk. This makes it the best lunch to prepare me for spending time with the fifth graders. Seriously, it is the best sandwich ever and it can be made rather simply.
All it is (and I mean really all it is, no mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, nothing) is ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, and lettuce on bread. That's it. The bread, of course, is amazing because I'm pretty sure the school makes their own bread, but even so, simply the combination of meats, provolone, and lettuce...mmmmmmmmm. Honestly, I'm salivating right now. I LOVE THIS SANDWICH!
And when paired with the deliciousness of chocolate milk, really nothing could be better for lunch than this. 


  1. New Lesson: Eat first, blog after. Otherwise, you will jinx it by blogging about the amazing sandwich you're so excited to eat, and then showing up to the cafeteria only to find it not there. :/
    And the plain ham and provolone sandwich just isn't quite the same. :/

  2. Oh, but alas, tis alright. I found one for dinner instead (as well as a sugar cookie, although I was craving a cinnamon roll).