Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today is my first college choir concert. I want everything to go right. But of course, besides actually practicing and focusing in effort to make things perfect (which I've been doing, kind of), there's only one way to ensure perfection: superstition. So today when I woke up I knew one thing: I am not going to have any dairy today. Now, for many singers, this is not superstition. Milk, cheese, and other dairy tend to coat the throat and mess with any chance of singing well that day. However, I do not have this issue. Possibly because I sing low, but possibly, too, because it just doesn't effect me. Which is nice. But, still, I am superstitious. So I don't eat it anyway. I want everything to be perfect.
So, I woke up knowing I couldn't have cereal and milk, couldn't have a bagel and cream cheese, couldn't have toast and nutella...which left me with fruit. My happy little fridge happened to have pineapple and raspberries just waiting for such an occasion. Thus I made this:

Doesn't it look delicious? It's actually nothing fancy, literally just pineapple chunks and raspberries. But, man, I could just eat the entire thing right now.
I took my first bite.
Didn't taste quite right.
So I took my second. Then looked up how to tell if pineapple from the jar has gone bad. Guess what?
My pineapple fermented. And I wasted all my raspberries on this fruit salad. And by this point they are covered in pineapple juice and completely ruined.
So now I have no breakfast.
But my superstition above the one about not eating dairy is eating breakfast. Ok, so not really a superstition, I just happen to know all the important information about why you should eat breakfast in the morning. Like the fact that carbohydrates eaten in first hour of your day are used for building up and strengthening the cells in your brain (eating breakfast makes you smarter). And the fact that breakfast starts your motabolism - you cannot burn calories until you have first eaten them (eating breakfast makes you skinnier). And the fact that breakfast tends to be one of the most well rounded meals of the day, with carbs, proteins, milk fats, calcium, and fruit all at once (eating breakfast makes you healthier). But I get none of that today because my breakfast is: 2 bites of fermented pineapple, which makes me no longer hungry for anything ever again.
I feel like I've just wasted a whole heck of a lot. This darn pineapple was supposed to stay good until November. The jar said so! But, perhaps that means it'll stay good until November, if left unopened...which it was not. Shucks. That's probably what it meant. Well, I guess that's a college student mistake that everyone must make at some point in their life.


  1. I would have rinsed the raspberries!
    Hope your concert went well!
    Oh, how many hits did you get in September?

  2. Trust me, rinsing them was not even an option.
    My concert went pretty well. I'm super critical of choral performances, so I personally am like "ah, it was horrible. How did he even let us go on stage like that?" But that's pretty much how I feel about every concert I do...even when it's definitely not the case. I just am aware of every mistake, more than the audience would be. But, I think in actuality it probably did go pretty well.
    In the month of September, I received 481 page views, but 507 page impressions (page impressions are according to the ad service I use, which I started on the 4th of September). I'm really not sure why there's so much of a difference. I'll average it out and say I was close enough to my goal that I can be happy with it.

  3. Kat- maybe part of the difference is b/c some of us [OK, moi] try to remember to click on more than one ad when we're here?

    Dommage about your fruit salad-- it really does look good in the photo! And yeah, the expiration dates are alas before opening. Gets confusing when some dates are "sell by," some are "use by," some are "best by," [which I totally fudge on, or we'd be throwing away a lot of bread around here.] And then, if they offer even a word of advice about the product's lifespan AFTER opening, it's hidden somewhere in pale, tiny print: "use within x days of opening." But, hey, at least the CDC isn't warning you under 50 youg'uns that you must use up or throw away any cold cuts or packaged hot dogs within 5 days of opening to avoid Listeria! And worse, that us over 50s should actually heat to 165 degrees before eating, all our cold cuts, "or as they are now called: 'cuts.'" [~Seth Meyers' line;-]