Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

...and they come in cardboard to-go boxes, too!
Before I explain why I am quite so excited, I should tell you first about why it's been half a week since I last posted. First off, I apologize. I'm sure you've all been dying with anticipation to find out what's been going on with me lately (cue the sarcasm). But, really, I am sorry because my job as a blogger is to provide you with the entertaining details of my life. And I haven't been providing you with such entertainment. So here it is:
Monday I went to the health center (again). The blood results appear to be normal (a bit low on white blood cells, which was strange since most of the possible ailments I could have actually cause high white blood cell counts)...but it's not to any extent that I should be alarmed, apparently. Also, it has been twice confirmed now that I do not have mono (which apparently seems to be spreading around lately...thank goodness I didn't join that club). Also, my organs appear to be normal, according to the scans I did on Saturday. Which is good. I have all my body parts and they're all their normal sizes. Yay! So, pretty much, after all this we've decided it's quite probable that I strained my diaphragm muscle. (Wait, where did they come up with that conclusion? Well, a couple weeks ago, the day before I started feeling awful, I went actual swimming for the first time in like 8 months. And it's entirely possible that I just simply did something strange during this, which caused me to strain my diaphragm muscle.) Basically, what this means is that I cannot swim, lift weights, or sing for the next week (did I mention I'm in choir? Cuz, honestly, not singing for an entire week is already driving me insane). So, yeah, that's that.
Also, I've kind of been a tad bit busy. Next week is my first experience with mid-terms (cue excitement here!). Which means this week and next week, nearly all my classes have papers due. So I've been working on papers and studying for tests and doing regular homework assignments and trying not to sing and trying not to lift weights (ok that's not that hard) and trying not to go insane this past week. Combine that with the fact that I really only have dry ingredients and you now know my excuse for not blogging: I haven't had the time to eat anything interesting.
But today that all changed. Because today I got something I've been waiting all week for. Honestly, I have gone to both dinner and lunch just to get this one thing, only to find out that they're out every single time. But tonight for dinner (which I ate during my 7:10-8:10 workshop), I finally got what I've been asking for: porter crepes with wild mushroom and chevre cream.

For a $6 food item made fresh in front of you at the cafeteria, this wasn't half bad. For a $6 crepe, it was a little expensive. But, generally, it was decent. The cheese was a tad strong, the mushrooms were amazing, the spinach inside was a little unexpected but so delicious. I probably could have made a better crepe, but the filling inside was something I cannot recreate. And the sauce. Woah, the sauce. My mother would have loved that sauce. It was a tad too much for my taste, but I can totally understand why someone would love it.
So, was it worth waiting for half a week, waiting in several lines to order it (because that specific part of the cafeteria tends to have the longest line), and the $6 I paid for it? Yes. Because it was a treat. It was something I probably couldn't have otherwise (especially considering my lack of food in my own room). And it was something different from the standard food one purchases at the cafeteria. I must say, I prefer the sushi (my school has a sushi chef...yeah...we're that cool), and their soup is to die for, but this honestly wasn't that bad. It was totally worth the wait and I think it's entirely possible that they wait made it taste even better (though that could be bs that our mothers tell us growing up so we'll stop begging them for things...).

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  1. I apologize, by the way, for the subpar photography. I took these pictures with my phone's camera, which is not of high quality. And, of course, I took them right outside my classroom, which is awful lighting for picture taking anyway. So, my apologies. But, you get the idea of what I was eating, and I guess that's the point anyway.