Friday, October 21, 2011

Going Home for the First Time

So, it's been about a week since I posted. My bad. My food adventures haven't actually been adventurous or dorm-related. Why? Well, because I've come home for fall break. So, instead, I'm going to tell you what it's like to be home.
I wish someone had told me before now what it was like to come home from college. I wish someone had told me I would feel like a space martian, wandering into some strange home and sleeping in a strange room.
Mom changed her amazing chili recipe so that her old daughter (Elle) and new daughter (my best friend who's now living in my room for the next year) would eat it; it's still good, but it's not the chili I have been craving for the past month (though at least there was some meat in it, unlike the vegan chili at school).
My cat no longer recognizes me; he cuddled with me once, after exhausting all of his other options, but beyond that I haven't seen him...not even when I feed the cats.
Our house has become disgusting (only the basement with our bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, and game room). I kind of knew that if you left Elle without the guidance of her older sister, she would destroy everything and that my family (and my best friend) would discover why Elle and I get into fights so often (she's a disgusting, piggy brat). Literally, I cannot shower in my bathroom because the white bathtub has become black. Perhaps this proves that I was the only one to ever clean up around here. Perhaps Elle now appreciates all the things I did that she didn't even notice me doing. Perhaps that was a possible outcome, but no. Of course not. Instead, I'm pretty sure she became jealous. Or something. I'm really not sure what's going on with her, but it's definitely not all lovey dovey over here...she's been getting upset with me over the stupidest of things.
I spent the night at my boyfriend's house and my mom could care less. Ok, so we kind of expected this to happen anyway, my mom is one of those "do whatever you want, I'll support you" kind of parents. And, to be fair, I slept on the fold out couch upstairs while he slept in his room downstairs. And mostly what we did was watch Star Trek and play Nintendo. And my mom probably knew that's all we would do, knowing my boyfriend and me. But still. The fact that I've been allowed to make my own decisions for the past 2 months means that I'm allowed to make my own decisions now, which is pretty darn cool.
My parents are willing to pull out all the stops for me. My dad stayed home from work yesterday because apparently he's missed me (I'd miss me too if suddenly my only daughter at home was a total slob). And he's going to buy me a printer. My mom bought me baking supplies (so excited) and clothes and groceries and all sorts of goodies that I otherwise would have had to buy myself. I've gone out to lunch and dinner more often than having home cooked meals (though I actually really, really, really miss delicious home cooked meals). Oh, and, my mom is willing to come pick me up from a concert in Seattle (Death Cab for Cutie, which I have been wanting to go see since 6th grade but every time they tour, something happens so that I can't go) and drive me and Jonathon all the way home. Concerts, by the way, typically end rather late at night, so this is a huge favor to ask. And I didn't even ask it, she just offered.
Oh, and lastly, I have no required chores. I'm getting thanked for feeding the cats, taking out the garbage, and helping with dinner. It's kind of strange getting thanked for the stuff I've been doing for what seems like years that I've been on my own.
Unfortunately, now that everything's so different at my house, I'm still kind of homesick. Perhaps now I'm dormsick. Perhaps I will consider traveling during my month long winter break? Except for one thing...I don't really have money to spend on that.
I also have no idea where I should be studying. My study spots have all changed, been replaced with other people's stuff. And of course, I have a midterm left on the Wednesday after Fall Break (one that was not on my teacher's syllabus, one that we voted against having, and one that we are receiving anyway...merci Madame). And I've got a speech to give next Thursday. As well as massive amounts of French homework due on Monday, philosophy homework due on Monday, and math homework pushed back to be due on Wednesday. Hurray! Oh, but good news: midterm grades are starting to be posted and I have an A- in my history class (after a 100 point paper and a 100 point exam). I'm super psyched.
I write this simply because I feel some people need a warning. This is what coming home for the first time after college feels like. Or at least it does for me. Home is boring, home is different, and I just want to go to college. I guess this is what happens when you choose to attend a college that feels more like home than home itself.


  1. I really should add that I have been enjoying spending time with my best friends and my boyfriend. Going to see a movie that turned out not to be showing: Katlin, Hayzle, Elle, and my fail-turned wonderful Sunday night. Visiting Ocean Shores with Hayzle was possibly the best weekend I've had in a while. Spending two days with Jonathon was incredible. And I'm looking forward to going to Fright Fest tonight and seeing my extended family tomorrow morning and...seeing Ben Gibbard (and the rest of Death Cab for Cutie) in person on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm only a tad bit excited, obviously).

  2. :(,
    well once paul cleans out the box room, we will have an extra bed if you want to stay here during your break? the house is clean ;)